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Enthusiastic, self-motivated, passionate - just a few words I would use to explain how I feel about architectural design.  Design is what I do, but more importantly it's a big part of who I am.  The creative process, the search for innovative solutions, meaningful design methodoloy, and a responsive connection to societal and cultural elements are all factors that make for a good day at the office.

I have experience in Design Director leadership, project design, site planning, and contemporary design methodology.  The past 15 years of my career have been spent at Hirsch Associates Architecture & Planning where I advanced from a beginning position as Project Architect to ultimately a VP and Design Director role. I have a total of 18+ years of experience in the architecture profession with an extensive background in design and planning, especially involving large-scale, urban mixed-use projects.  Past projects have included hospitality (Hyatt, Dolce, NYLO), retail, residential, high-rise, corporate interiors, transportation (CTA-Jeffery BRT), and recreation (Batavia, IL-Community Recreation Center).  Recently, retail renovation, de-malling, retail repositioning, and residential renovations has been my predominant project type experience.  Clients I’ve worked with have ranged from developer-based, corporate, to private property owners.  Also, I have computer modeling and rendering experience that was applied to project design and 3D visualization as a marketing tool.

Working at a small firm provided me a great deal of exposure to various responsibilities including creative marketing efforts focused on “breaking-into” new market sectors such as Transportation and CTA’s proposed Jeffery Boulevard BRT.  Through a pro bono contract with the Civic Consulting Alliance, I worked closely with the CTA to provide 3D computer graphics and design services for shelters, street furniture, signage, and vehicle identity branding. The CTA went public with their plans June 8th and the page header image for an article on their website is one of several computer generated graphics I produced. You can view the article at: http://www.transitchicago.com/jefferybrt/.

Although originally born in Chicago, I grew-up just a stone's throw over the Illinois-Wisconsin state line in the small town of Trevor.  After high school, I couldn't resist my desire to live in an urban environment and study architecture.  Unlike Illinois, Wisconsin only had one architecture school and it was at UWM.  So, on I went to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's School of Architecture and Urban Planning (SARUP).  After receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Studies, I decided to continue my education at SARUP and earned a Master of Architecture degree in 1993.  In that same year my graduate school thesis project, Canadian Pacific Rail Headquarters, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the AIA Chicago Student Design Competition. 

In 2003 the AIA Chicago awarded the Distinguished Building Award to Churchill Row, a project I designed at the beginning of my career as a senior designer at Hirsch Associates.  To further enhance my knowledge and skill as an architect, I added the credentials of LEED AP to my name in June of 2009.  And finally, in August of 2011 I received my registration as a licensed architect in Illinois. 

Best Regards,

Kevin Pound  LEED AP

(The image on the far right is not my Letterman imitation, but rather my Shields imitation.  Those of you who are SARUP Alumni will get it.)









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